mutantW_V2 All the info you need to make one

Features in mutantW_V2

mutantW V2 is successor of mutantC_V1 with more feature and refined hardware.

  • Have WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • 6-axis IMUs, 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope to wake up the watch on wrist movement.
  • 1.7 inch IPS LCD display, bright enough in daylight(non-touch).
  • 44mm in size and 12mm in depth, fits on any wrist size.
  • Dock that helps you to charge the watch and program it easily.
  • Have low power mode that helps the watch to last for days.
  • 2 hardware buttons, both are customizable in the firmware.
  • Vibration for notification.
  • Wide-range of changeable watch bands.
  • Scratch resistant front glass.
  • 6 pin docking connector with serial and power.
  • Easy to build and modify the software.
  • Update the software using a mobile or PC using OTA.

An ESP32-S3 based casual smartwatch with 1.7 inch display, WiFi, Bluetooth, Vibration motor, Accelerometer and Gyroscope. It supports variety of watchbands.

Here we will discusses what you need to build one. This device is very easy to make, you don't need lots of tools and parts. The build is divide into 2 part, the watch and the dock.

No codding skill is needed, just basic stuff like upload a code to Arduino. V2 is little bit difficult to built then the previous version. You may need a hot air-station to solder the optional IMU chip.

Only 5 pieces of 3D printed parts, here is the link of the STL files that you need to print those parts :

Total 2 PCBs, download these 2 Gerber files and use them 2 order them from the PCB manufacturer.

All the 3D parts, PCB and Graber files, Device Firmware are in Gitlab and free to download and use:

I added the build guide in Instructables as it is perfect place for it, you can use the other websites to download the required files to build the watch, incase gitlab is not accessible: